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Buying Critical Illness Cover with Health Insurance Plans

Is escalation in COVID-19 cases increasing your worry as well? We thought the situation in the coming months will improve with the complete lockdown in the country. But with soaring corona news every day, even watching TV and reading news has become quite depressing. The increasing numbers have taken away our mental piece. None of us are sure when we are going to be free from corona restrictions. Even young people are getting attacked by the deadly virus and old aged people with disease history like diabetes, sugar, cancer, and heart diseases are more prone to be in critical conditions.

What should I do to secure life amid the critical time?

Purchasing a health insurance plan that offers critical illness cover is what health experts are recommending. You should know critical illness health cover that provides medical insurance against life-threatening illnesses. It provides cover for 36 such illnesses like heart attack, cancer, tumour, kidney failure, etc., which have more chances of occurrences with age. During this time infants, senior citizens, and people with the history of illnesses are the most vulnerable groups. Illnesses like these do not come with a warning. It can happen to anyone and anywhere. They cannot be ignored like a normal headache or stomach ache. Planning is the only remedy to ease your life and your loved ones. Buying critical illness health insurance policies brings financial security that does not drain the savings of normal people. 

What are the benefits of Critical illness health care?

Critical illness insurance is quite thoughtful policy; it takes care of the whole range of problems that may occur along with the illness: 
  • The policy assists even without being hospitalized. On the first diagnosis itself, one can file for the claim. For the evidence, showing a diagnosis report will be enough to claim the lump sum amount. Hospital bills are not mandatory. 
  • Critical illness cover with Health Insurance not only helps you cover hospitalization costs but also other expenses like frequent doctor consultation fees, purchase of medicines during that period. 
  • The cover takes care of the lifestyle changes that may incur due to critical illness.
  • In case of critical illness, if one has a loss in income that is also taken care of under the policy. If a person has any outstanding loan like a home or marriage loan etc. the critical illness cover will help you pay-out those as well. 
  • Critical illness insurance gets redemption under the Income Tax Act of 1961.
  • The lump-sum amount is given within a single translation as per the terms and conditions of insurers.  
  • It comes with a lifetime renewable facility.
So, does reading these points give you a little confidence? Think about it, buying critical health cover is a good choice for you and your family. With the rising medical inflation, having a cover like this brings ease to a person's life. One wouldn’t have to think twice about the finances for taking any kind of medical treatment or break for personal care.

What are the illnesses that will be covered in the insurance?

Well, every company has its plans. But the majority of the covers are divided into 2-3 types of covers. 
  • Standard 
  • Premium
Under the standard insurance, the cover is for 8-9 critical illnesses. Under premium services the insurance cover for 36 illnesses along with our benefits mentioned above. 
  • The cover ranges start from 3/4 lakh and it can go up to 2 Crore. 
  • The eligibility criteria are from the age of 5 to 65 years. Post 45 years of age one will have to submit medical documents. 
 You should also know the corona treatment cost per person is of the equivalent amount which is 3-5 lakh. Any person with a history of illness their treatment cost can go up to 15 lakhs. 

What if I already have medical or health insurance?

 It is great that you already have health insurance. But does your policy cover critical and life-threatening illnesses? If not, this is for you. 
There are a lot of health insurance policies that do cover medical claims but none provides you with wholesome security under such circumstances. We all know cancer has become a very common vocabulary for diseases in India. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also highlighted in its 2020 report that one in every 15 will die of cancer in India.
 So, being safe is always better than being sorry. Do check if your policies cover critical illness in the health insurance plans. If not, do get it added. You will never regret this step.  

How to tackle tough times ahead?

We all are spectating the time ahead is going to be more critical for the health care sector across the world. Things like using masks, frequent handing washing, sanitizers, and most important physical distancing will be new normal in the coming times. There are going to be a lot of lifestyle changes and precautions that one will adhere to. With so much uncertainty around securing the health, an investment with certainty will bring you peace and to your loved ones as well. Like in college or school, we used to save money for rainy days. This is the investment for that unpredictable rainy day, which can shower on anyone at any point in time. So think deep and invest better in securing a healthy future.  
Buying critical illness cover with health insurance plans is the best move to attain the ultimate peace of mind. And it is the smartest way to stay financially protected in a critical time. You can save your life or loved ones with such policies and this will be the ever best investment of your life, for your life. 
HDFC ERGO Health provides you with the amazing critical illness covers. A partner to be with you 24/7 in your critical hours!!! It demands a lower premium and offers great health insurance covers. So mark your investment smartly with the best insurer in the industry. Stay safe and stay secure!! 

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