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Blog > Health Insurance > Are AYUSH Treatments Covered by your Health Insurance Plan?

Are AYUSH Treatments Covered by your Health Insurance Plan

The inherent strength and benefits in holistic healing with the AYUSH treatments cannot be denied.  The affinity for alternative treatments re-gains momentum to fill the gaps in modern allopathic treatments. With favored push from government, the demand for health insurance plans that cover AYUSH treatment expenses is growing exponentially. HDFC ERGO Health brings the benefits of such treatments with Easy Health insurance plan.

Recent news reported by Express Healthcare, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, paid visit to a dedicated COVID 19 Ayurveda health center in Delhi. Chaudhary Brahm Prakash Ayurved Charak Sansthan (CBPACS) is the first Ayurveda hospital of India to provide COVID-19 care. To date the facility has not witnessed a single fatality to the disease that woes us all.  Shortly, after his visit, he comments about the positive feedback of COVID 19 patients.

“Ayurveda is a traditional medicinal knowledge source from India and there is a huge potential in it. Its inherent strength in holistic healing and wellbeing is being put to good use in treatment of the COVID-19 patients at this DCHC. This knowledge and experience will surely prove beneficial to people all over the world, especially in combating the battle against COVID-19.” – Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister.

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Ayurveda is not the only one, AYUSH treatment includes many such practices to remedy the health care needs in simplest and efficient ways.

A- Ayurveda
Y- Yoga
U- Unani
S- Siddha
H- Homeopathy
Let us understand these treatment techniques one at a time.

#1 - One of the oldest healing science with a history of over 5000 years, Ayurveda places emphasis on prevention for well-being.

#2 - Yoga lays emphasis on body postures to heal body ailments to aid proper functioning.

#3 - Unani or Yunani medicine follows the pattern diagnosis, elimination of cause, and normalization
through therapies, drugs, or surgeries to restore equilibrium between body and mind.

#4 - While on the other hand Sidha is similar but curative measure to treat many ailments. Simple practices to encourage right thinking, diet, lifestyle, and use of natural herbs holds miracles in its bosom.

#5 Homeopathy rests its faith in the ability of the body to cure itself with a little help of potions in small quantities to stimulate the natural healing process.

Each of these ancient techniques is one of the most treasured lineage left behind by our ancestors and passed on over generations. People seek AYUSH treatment because it has proven itself to cure most chronic ailments like slip disc, migraine, cancer, and respiratory diseases at ease.

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The popularity of AYUSH treatments takes the basis in its ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The government of India established the department for AYUSH in the year 2003 followed by the Ministry for AYUSH in 2013 to regulate and implement quality standards for institutions and hospitals providing these treatments. Since then there have been many government-led initiatives to promote alternative medicine.

Reasons to choose health insurance with AYUSH benefit?

A - The treatment is highly effective in curing chronic ailments.

B - The costs incurred on Ayush Treatment is very low as it makes use of easily available herbs and simple therapies.

C - Since these alternative treatments stem from the ancient history of Indian sub-terrain. Such treatments are easily available in all parts of our India, especially in remote regions.

D - With almost no side effects and minimum inconvenience, such treatments are well suited for the elderly. 

E - It offers an alternative treatment option for allopathic or modern ways of healing filling gaps in regular medical care.

F - It includes preventive treatments in addition to first-rate curative ones.

G - It restores a healthy lifestyle by dealing with issues like stress, insomnia, tobacco addiction that may give birth to complicate and severe ailments later in life.

Ms. Himani, 27 years was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from 7 years causing her chronic pain in her shoulders, elbows, fingers, knees, and other joints. She was forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle with allopathic treatment and its side-effects, consistent acidity, weight gain, and nausea before she turned into Ayurveda.  With the care and treatment under specialized doctors at a facility accredited by the Quality Council of India or National Accreditation Board, her arthritis was 90% healed in 28 days.

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In most cases that need medicines for prolonged years, alternative treatments with no side-effects come as a blessing.

Have you come across a health insurance plan that covers AYUSH treatment?

HDFC ERGO Health supports the healing powers of these alternative treatments. Our Easy Health Insurance plan covers the expenses you incur to get the required treatment of your preference.

Your health insurance plan must not restrict you to the treatment you do not prefer. With Easy Health you can claim for any inpatient AYUSH treatment taken in a government hospital or any government recognized institute of your choice. Easy Health is an affordable and comprehensive health insurance plan which includes AYUSH benefit.

Investing in health insurance plans that offer you coverage for any treatment of your choice ensures to fulfill your medical requirements at your terms in your budget.

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