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Blog > Women's Day > An Open Letter To Women Everywhere

Dear She,
You are a daughter, sister, wife, mother, career woman - donning multiple hats and ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.
But have you noticed - one crucial thing has gone unnoticed? 
When was the last time, you considered your health important? Taking more than a minute to answer, means you are not cognizant of your health.
You are the backbone of your family, so take care of your health for the sake of others.
Tips for your physical and mental health:
Don’t accept ‘multitasker’ tag

This gender stereotype puts an unnecessary pressure of being perfect. Those men who share housework get brownie points. After all, they are doing something ‘extraordinary’, which is considered ‘ordinary’ for women.
For your own sake, don’t try to be a superhero(ine). There is nothing to be ashamed of if you can’t do all the things. Wave the white flag and ask for help, wherever available. Superheroes are nothing without their powers!
‘Junk’ junk food to release stress

Eating that cheese pizza won’t give you six pairs of arms, four brains and the clone of yourself to finish off your entire work. Neither it will help your kids get good marks, nor it will make your boss disappear. But yes, it will add one thing- an extra tyre around your waist. Instead, stay calm and find the remedy.
Take care of yourself

No matter how great your loved ones are, it’s your job to make yourself happy, and probably it is the only job that you should not delegate. Set aside time to indulge in things that make you happy. Only a happy ‘you’ can keep others happy. 
Invest in health insurance

Though you are healthy today; factors like pollution, hectic lifestyle can make you fall ill. Do your future self a favour by investing in a health insurance policy to get quality medical treatment without fretting about expenses.
Make your health a priority. After all, being God’s best creation, you owe yourself a healthy life. 
From your well wisher

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