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Blog > Health Insurance > 7 Things you need to fill your online health insurance application

Checklist for Filling Online Health Insurance Application

Congrats! You are taking a great step to secure the future of yourself and your loved ones against scrutiny of health risks floating around us.

Although the online health insurance application process is self-explanatory, it’s better to be well prepared. In this blog, we will tell you about all you will need to fill your online health insurance application at ease.

Before applying for an online health insurance application, you need to have some general information about the things you will encounter while filling up the form. So, here we are to brief you about what all things you need to know and the documents you must keep close at hand.

You can begin with your online health insurance buying at HDFC ERGO health insurance website. Soon you will be asked to choose the required health cover plan. You will have choices between multiple health cover plans where you can opt for sum insured between 5-50 lakhs, as you find sufficient.

After you select an appropriate cover plan for yourself, you will be directed to a page where you need to fill the basic necessary details such as:

  1. Your name for further communications and policy issuance
  2. Date of birth to calculate your age,
  3. Gender for risk calculation against gender specific diseases,
  4. Your address, city, or geographical location
  5. Phone number, etc.
On basis of above details the health insurance premium will be calculated.  The same will reflect on your screen so you have an idea of how much will your preferred health insurance cover cost you.
A veteran’s advice comes handy at this time. Have a clear thought on what type of Insurance plan you need, and for how many members of your family to save time & regrets. Also, don’t forget to agree to the disclaimer given at the end after you fill all the details.
Moving ahead to the next step will calculate your premium with breakup (including GST) and the term period of your policy. Viola, you are there!
Time to fill your personal details, confirm your basic details, answer a few questions and submit your application.

Important documents required for Health Insurance

Online health insurance buying also implies the submission of documents electronically. You need to get the documents scanned, maybe have a copy in your device so you can upload them conveniently.

Generally, the documents required are: -

1. Identity Proof - You should have a valid identity proof that will stand as a guarantor of your identity in the future. In case of any misconception in the future, your identity proof will serve as a basis for your identification. The documents which you can submit for mentioned above are: -

* Aadhar Card
* PAN Card
* Voter ID card
* Birth Certificate
* Driving License
* Passport

2. Age Proof - This document is required to ensure that you are an adult and that you can rightfully apply for online health insurance. You need to come under the specified age bracket mentioned by the insurance company, although HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Company has no such restrictions as long as you are of 18 years of age or above. The documents that can be uploaded for the same are as follows: -

* Aadhar Card
* Voter ID card
* Passport
* Driving License

3. Address Proof - This document is required so that the Insurance Company may know about your residence and can send various communications such as invoices, insurance policies to renew, advertisement of new insurance products, etc. at your doorstep. The following documents may be submitted for the same: -

* Aadhar Card
* Driving License
* Passport
* PAN Card
* Ration Card
* Utility Bills like Electricity Bill, Water, Gas BILL etc.
* Rental agreement

4. Medical reports - To ensure the physical well-being of the insured, the insurance company might demand/arrange for regular health check-up of the individual, to check for pre-existing diseases before the contract is agreed upon.

5. Proposal form - The proposal form mentions mandatory details of the insured such as his name, age, occupation, address, and other such details. It also mentions the income of the insured to assure the company of his abilities to pay for the insurance in the future.

6. BMI Index - BMI Index is a score based on your height and weight. This score in most cases indicates the health & well-being of the individual. You need to fill the exact details in the application form as mentioned in your BMI Index report else your application might get rejected.

7. Passport-sized photos - Health insurers expect to have your recent photograph with your profile and health history for more than one reason as you can guess. Proper identification tops this list.

Also, pick a nominee and fill his details too in the process. If you are suffering from any pre-existing disease, don’t attempt to hide it, rather be sincere as it will save you from the unwanted trouble with your claims. Don’t forget to disclose your lifestyle habits honestly, such as alcohol consumption, smoking etc. Proceeding to the next step will need you to add the payment method. You can pay in EMI’s through a credit card or sign up for the whole amount at once through a debit card or e-wallets of your choice.

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Nowadays, with everything being digital, it becomes much easier for the people to file an insurance application with such basic documents. Uploading the necessary documents however, does not mean reduction in the number of documents to be put up online. Besides, the documents needed also differ from one insurance company to another and this article gives the basic structure of documents required by the HDFC ERGO health insurance company. You are ready to buy your health insurance policy all by yourself. We wish you happy buying!

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