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If you are planning to get insurance cover for yourself, a simple term insurance cover and a medical insurance policy may not be enough to protect you from the risks you run when you are out at work, travelling or just staying at home. It is advisable that you insure yourself against accidents too by opting for an individual accident insurance plan. 
The Individual Personal Accident Plan offered by HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) Health not only covers the individual and his dependents from the risk of death due to accident but also compensates the insured person for loss of income in case of temporary total disablement. This compensation will be in addition to the medical reimbursements for hospitalisation and in-patient treatment. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)’s individual accident insurance policy carries numerous other benefits like family transportation, transportation of imported medicines, purchase of blood, modification of vehicle and residence and so on.

We provide innovative and affordable health insurance solutions founded on the principles of prevention and wellness. We offer plans for individual as well as for family healthcare coverage. Aiming to provide health protection against all sorts of health risks, we have devised variety of health plans. We aim at serving our customers with quality healthcare and trusted insurances services. 
An individual accident insurance policy will free you from worrying about the financial cost of accidental injuries. It will insure you against death, permanent disabilities and temporary total disablement. 
  • The policy covers persons aged between 5 and 70 years. Children below 5 years can be covered from 91st day onwards if both parents are covered by this policy.
  • The policy is issued for a period of one year.
  • This policy can be issued to an individual and/or family.
  • The family includes spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.
  • Provision of education fund for children in case of accidental death.
  • Cumulative bonus of 5% per claim free year up to 50% of the sum insured. 
The policy is designed with a view to make it affordable for all. With this objective, it is framed in two policy variant- Standard and Premium. At reasonable premium, the policy makes quality healthcare affordable for all income group. Under the coverage of this plan, people can enjoy comprehensive coverage. It is loaded with other benefits like 10% discount if two or more members are covered, cumulative discount of 5% for every claim - free year up to 50% of the accidental death sum insured, reimbursement of medical expenses for inpatient treatment and weekly allowance in case of Temporary Total Disablement. Once insured, individual need not worry about the medical care expenditure. He/ she can enjoy best healthcare even while in need of any major treatment. 
Accidents are the most unexpected health mishaps to happen in life. They can make life truly difficult due to reasons like inability to afford the treatment cost. The insured individual can seek quality healthcare while in any such emergency. 
In Indian health insurance market, there are several options available in this category. They can make it confusing to decide the best among them. So, to avoid that confusion it is important to realize the kind of coverage individual needs. Policy must be selected accordingly. Besides insurance premium, there are several other features that need to be clarified. 
There might be several options available in health insurance sector but you need to do extensive research before reach on to any final decision. Policies must be studied in detail. They all differ from each other on various grounds. Examining them is must. Coverage limit, waiting period, risks covered and exclusion are few of the features that affect the kind of coverage offered by the policy.  
On the other hand, insurance portals are truly helpful in this regard. They make the work simpler. Providing all information at ready access, they allow buyers to go through all the details. Information like policy quotes and premium can be obtained and calculated easily. With all information available at any time of the day, it is even possible to compare the details. It help filter down the search and choose the most appropriate one. With comparison, it becomes uncomplicated to select one health cover for self. As per the need and suitability, one can invest in a plan that can offer coverage as per the need. Taking a look at all the policy details, choice can be made easily. 
A good insurance plan will be the one that can ensure best coverage in times of need. With HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich), you can develop clear understanding as the information is offered in simple policy wordings. Uncomplicated language and easy to follow steps assists in taking the right decision. 
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