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Welfare schemes adopted by corporate houses for their employees would be incomplete without employee accident insurance cover. Companies are offering insurance coverage options to employees. It is to ensure that as an employer they are concerned about the safety of people. So, group accident health insurance is one appropriate option to help them acquire healthcare safety. 
The provision of insurance coverage by companies have simplified things for employees. They need not go anywhere else to make an investment in insurance. With this provision, employees can seek the help of the companies so as to get them secured against health risks. 
Offering Group Accident Health Insurance plan to employee is a wise decision. Mishaps like accidents and the related injuries can bring a change in lives of people. The injuries caused due to such incidents can hamper the life to a great extent. Nobody can predict or control the extent of the accident. It can even cause several setback on the physical state of the injured. So, it is absolutely worth investing in an accident health cover. 
A group accident health insurance plan will cover a group of employees. They all can invest and share the premium to be paid. All covered members can then reap benefits as and when required. Premium amount is not a matter of worry. Policies have been framed at affordable variants. They make coverage well in reach of all.
The biggest benefit of an accident health cover is that, it does not leave you to deal with emergency cases all your own. As per the promised financial support, it offers monetary coverage that help deal with hospital bills. An accidental case can even raise the need of hospitalization. This initiates the mental stress about the expenses to be dealt with. Uninsured people, in such circumstances choose the option of compensating with the quality of treatment. 
This poses the threat of affecting the health in the longer run. However, insured people can proceed with the required treatment without any fiscal worry. He/ she need not think about the bills much as the insurance cover comes to share the burden leaving a part to be paid by us. 
The significance of a health cover is realized when people fall in need of it. It paves smooth way for people to go ahead with the treatment without thinking about the expenses. Especially in an accidental case, immediate treatment is must. Urgent need of the appropriate healthcare is the foremost concern for the individual. It is with this view that an accident health cover is relevant and apt. It enable the individual to seek best treatment possible devoid of any financial mess or burden. With a mental relief insured can think about the required treatment and get best treatment possible. 
So, here group accident health insurance offered by employees is a relevant option. It is also a way by which employers can show their employees how much they value them and care for them. It can help them get a group accident insurance cover and ensure security from unexpected health mishap. It will give employees and their families the financial protection they need from accidental deaths and injuries. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)’s Group Personal Accident Plan is tailor-made to assure your employees against financial exigencies arising from mishaps. It covers a number of eventualities like plane crashes, train accidents, hit and run cases and so on. 
We offer innovative health insurance solutions combined with health care and wellness solutions that are designed to meet the health care needs of every citizen of India. We have plans for individuals as well as for family health coverage. Aiming to provide health protection against all sorts of health risks, we have devised variety of health plans. 
This group accident insurance plan is offered to the group with complete flexibility for the employer to choose from a range of benefits. The policy indemnifies individual employees against accidental deaths, loss of limbs, and loss of vision, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement and temporary total disablement. 
The Group Personal Accident Plan also offers a number of additional benefits like family transportation, transportation of imported medicines, compensation for broken bones, purchase of blood, broken bones, and modification of vehicle and residence. These benefits make this group accident cover a unique package. It offers a lump sum payment in case of accidental death or any disability. Thus, the plan is of true value as it gives financial protection against accidental deaths and injuries to the employees and their families. It makes healthcare easy going and hassle free. Devoid of any fiscal hurdle people can go for quality treatment and overcome the injuries causes. Insured people, in this way, can look after their wellbeing even in such emergency cases. So, make a timely investment in an insurance cover and enjoy uninterrupted healthcare services. 
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