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You can never be sure when an accident may happen. So would it not be a wise decision to get insurance cover for yourself and your loved ones against such an eventuality? Accidents entail dire financial consequences. On one hand, the medical cost of treatment becomes a drain on your financial resources. On the other hand your injuries prevent you from going out to work and maintaining your family income level. One such incident can affect the life of the person to a great extent.  
Accidental injuries can bring a significant change in an individual’s life. The foremost requirement in the like situation is to get the right treatment. Appropriate medical care is the most essential need to overcome the injuries caused. But the treatment expenditure stands as a huge peril. It curbs the way for people to move ahead. Any delay caused due to this, affects the health of the person in the longer run. It is this regard, it has been advised to obtain the shelter of a family accident insurance plan. It is the best way to get rid of this tension and related worries. 
Insurance against accident cases offer financial coverage to manage the treatment expenses incurred in the due course of medical care. By opting for family accident insurance you can protect your family from the financial consequences of accidents by getting a family accident insurance cover. HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)’s insurance plan is tailor-made to protect you and your family from such financial crises. The Personal Accident Insurance Plan of HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) Health compensates the insured person and his family in the event of death, injuries and disablement caused by accident.
HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Ltd. (formerly Apollo Munich Health Insurance),  aims to provide affordable and innovative health insurance solutions to every citizen of India. It is a specialized health insurance company building upon the expertise in both sectors, health and insurance. It offers comprehensive health plans for individual as well as for families. With an objective to improve healthcare conditions across the nation, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) works with customer centric approach. Having devised health plans as per the need of people, the insurer enable all of us to seek best healthcare with no trouble. 
HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich)’s Individual Personal Accident Plan will also act as your family accident insurance plan. It incorporates benefits like family transportation, transportation of imported medicine, compensation for broken bones, purchase of blood, and modification of vehicle and residence. 
This family accident health insurance even provides education fund for children. A 10% discount can be availed if two or more members of the family are insured. Children below 5 years can be insured from 91st day onwards if both parents are covered by this accident insurance policy.
  • The policy covers persons aged between 5 and 70 years.
  • The policy is issued for a period of 1 year.
  • This policy can be issued to an individual and/or a family.
  • The family includes spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.
Policy is framed is two policy variants- Standard and Premium. With wise sum insured options, it comes under affordability limit of all. With higher sum insured bracket, family can seek comprehensive coverage and more benefits. Premium to be paid will vary as depending on the occupation. 
This plan also carries a cumulative bonus of 5% per claim free year up to 50% of the accidental death sum insured. With benefits like coverage for accidental hospitalization (in-patient) permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement and temporary total disablement, policy looks after all the concerned healthcare needs. Injured can seek help under policy coverage. He/ she can claim the benefits as per the policy provision. 
HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) constantly endeavor to enable healthier living for masses. It understands the healthcare concerns encountered by a common man. Examining the needs of people, it offers affordable solutions to people. Basis simple language, transparent procedures, clear policies and innovative products, it aims at providing best healthcare solution to each one of us. Illnesses are of various types. They require specific treatment to allow individual overcome it. On the other hand, healthcare need can be aroused due to incidents like accidents. So, examining all the aspects of health concerns, HDFC Ergo Health (formerly Apollo Munich) formulate plans that can ensure best coverage to people.  
Insurance policies are truly helpful in climbing the gap between the personal pocket size and best healthcare services. Having the coverage of an insurance policy, people need not think or worry about the related expenses. The policy looks after this tension and provide mental relief to enable people to proceed with the medical care procedure. Investing an affordable amount on annual basis can provide sense of security for future. Individual need to shed money out of the personal savings to meet the treatment expenses. It can be done easily with no need to even compromise with the quality. However, every buyer is suggested to ensure the proper reading of the policy. One must have a clear idea about the covered and uncovered benefits before making any investment. 
Therefore, pick the plan that can uncomplicate your life with appropriate assistance. 
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