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Health is often counted as the greatest of all blessings. The most important measure for safe health is to have adequate cover against health related risks by opting for a mediclaim insurance policy. While comparing different mediclaim policies, people often consider the premium amount to be one of the major deciding factors. However, choosing the cheapest mediclaim policy available in the market may not serve you in your quest for quality health care. One must always weigh the benefits like lifelong renewal, no sub limits and copayments, no claim based loading, wide hospital network and claim settlement ratio of the insurance company. 
Mediclaim policies are intended to mitigate your health care expenses, so that you do not have to personally dig into your pockets for financial implications of hospitalization or health emergencies. 
You should follow the following points while buying the most appropriate mediclaim policy
  • Compare all the plans available today for your needs
  • Determine what is the best sum insured for your age and if there are any renewal age limits
  • Conditions and illnesses the policy covers
  • Benefits offered
  • Claims procedure
  • Waiting periods for all ailments and conditions
  • Deductibles and exclusions of specific ailments
You must prioritize your needs before choosing a mediclaim policy.
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