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Various General Insurance Companies are now offering Mediclaim policy. Mediclaim policy is a health insurance product. Through this insurance product, the insured person can receive a unique benefit - the Cashless Service.

Cashless facility means that the insurance company settles the bill directly with healthcare provider, whether a hospital or a nursing home. The aim behind it is to reduce the direct financial burden on insured individual at the time of hospitalization. Therefore, whatever bill is raised by the healthcare provider, Insurance company settles it directly through a Third Party Administrator. The beneficiary can avail of the cashless facility at any of the hospitals in the insurance company’s network by presenting valid documentation on admission. The hospitals in the network are those, which have signed on with the insurance company to honor their insured person’s claim of cashless service.

To choose the best mediclaim policy from the wide range available in market is a tedious job especially as you need to do comprehensive research before investing. However, your task is becoming easier as these days it is so easy for you to get information online. You can obtain quotes for mediclaim policy online; not only that, you can compare different mediclaim policies. Thus you are able to ensure that you are getting the right cover for your individual needs at a price that meets your budget.